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Controlled by your smartphone

Managing the Ajax system is as easy as using any modern device.
All you need is a smartphone or laptop with internet access. You can go on vacation, stay late at work or take a long sabbatical.
No matter what, you can take solace in the fact that everything at home is in order.

Intelligent control panel

Ajax Hub is the core device in the system. It uses our encrypted radio protocol, Jeweller, to connect to detectors and monitor them. The hub immediately sends alerts via SMS, push notification or phone call to the owner and the Central Monitoring Station.

Two comms channels for sending alarms, GSM and Ethernet
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Wireless motion detector that notifies the owner of the first signs of home or office intrusion. The detector is fastened to the wall in front of the doors, windows and other places likely of intruder entry.

Ignores cats and dogs with weight of up to 20 kg and height up to 50 cm
Jamming detection & communication encryption


Small wireless detector that notifies of glass being broken by intruders. It is installed at a distance of 9 m from the window and filters events that cause false alarms about breakage.

Ignores thunder, dogs barking and noise outside the window
Detects breakage at a distance of up to 9 m
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Wireless opening detector that notifies of first signs of room intrusion by means of a broken door or window. It can be mounted on all types of doors including a metal base.

Operates up to 7 years without battery replacement.
Includes magnets of various sizes for installation on narrow frames and door frames


Wireless outdoor siren that notifies of danger using sound and light. The device is installed outside the room to raise an alarm for everyone to hear.

DC or battery powered
Resistant to dust, hail and rain drops. Operates at a temperature of −25°С
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Wireless indoor siren that loudly notifies of an alarm during detector activation. It is installed indoors to warn of danger or deter intruders.

Battery life up to 5 years
Customizable sound level and alarm length

Leak Protect & Fire Protect

Wireless photoelectric fire detector with temperature sensor that monitors security in the room twenty four hours a day and immediately notifies of smoke and sharp jumps in temperature. 

The wireless flood detector detects first signs of leakage within milliseconds.
Floor mounted, it alarms as soon as water touches one of the four  contacts
Registers smoke and sharp jumps in temperature in the room
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